LARIAT® Suture Delivery Device

The LARIAT Suture Delivery Device is an elegant and intuitive suture-based solution to soft tissue closure, compatible with a wide range of anatomical shapes.1 Physicians can now offer remote suture delivery for immediate, complete closure, with no metal, clip or implant left behind.

Closure Without Compromise

LARIAT Close Ups

  • Precise, user-controlled remote delivery of a 40mm pre-tied suture loop through access of 4.3mm or greater.
  • Highly secure Meltzer knot tightened with TensureTM Suture Tightener for confidence in closure.
  • Collapsible snare retains suture until ready to deploy - open and close as needed to confirm placement without suture release.
  • Compatible with a wide range of anatomical shapes and sizes up to 40mm in width, 20mm in height and 70mm in length.
  • The LARIAT leaves only a small remnant of "0" braided polyester suture behind.

Suture Type: Teflon coated, braided Polyester - Non-absorbable
Suture Size: USP 0 (3.5 Metric)
Knot Type: Meltzer (Modified-Roeder), one-way slip knot
Max. Target Size: W40mm x H20mm x L70mm
Min. Access Size: 4.3mm (12.9F) Working Length: 40cm


LARIAT Diagram


1 The LARIAT Suture Delivery Device facilitates suture placement and knot tying for use in surgical applications where soft tissue are being approximated and/or ligated with a pre-tied polyester suture.